Jun 04,2021

[Seminar] The Future of Healthcare Eco-system

The demands of an aging population, a changing workforce and new technologies continue to shape our healthcare ecosystems. New models of delivery and changing users' needs are fundamentally altering both the systems and their infrastructure – from the hospital to the home.
Sustainability, smart technology and digital services play an important role in this transformation, which is reshaping access to future healthcare services. Flexible and adaptable facilities and systems will be needed to ensure resilience against constantly evolving requirements.
In this webinar, Yannick Lenormand, Arup’s East Asia Foresight leader, will present his perspective on the major trends shaping the development of our healthcare ecosystems and the shift in mindset that will be necessary to achieve results that work for us all – as investors, designers, developers, owners and end users.
You can use your smartphone, tablet or PC to join. Install the zoom.us application prior to the meeting.
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3.    On this occasion, only the host and panellists will be allowed to speak.
4.    You may, however, type questions in the Q&A box at the bottom of your zoom screen.
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6.    The presentation will be recorded.

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Speaker's Profile

Yannick Lenormand is Arup’s East Asia Foresight Leader, currently based in Hong Kong.
His role is to interpret the changes occurring now and to identify how these changes may affect the future of the built environment, our businesses, our clients’ businesses and, most importantly, how this is impacting people’s lives. Yannick has a background in industrial design and material science and has been exploring future trends for the last 14 years. Prior to joining Arup in 2018, he was the Head of Trends at Royal Philips.